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Through the years, Venture for Fund Raising has been the grateful beneficiary of donations and gifts that have supported its public service programs. The J. Faustino Fund Raising Library came about through the generous donation of Founding Chairperson Jaime M. Faustino. Jaime and his wife Therese have also made a gift toward the publication of the Survey on Giving 2003, which has made it available to the public at a subsidized price. Several individual donors have kept Venture's scholarship program alive. Donors have specified outright sponsorship of participants, and a number of non-profits have directly benefited from these arrangements.

You too can make a long-term difference in helping sustain organizations financially, so they can continue doing the good work they do. Contact Revelyn Relatado for more information.


Be a Volunteer

Venture is a tightly-run operation of driven practitioners. That means, more often than not, our team members are out on the field giving training courses, meeting with partners and prospects, speaking at events. At certain times of the year, we field volunteers to help us do our housekeeping: cleaning up our databases, assisting with mail-outs, inputting data, updating library information, and reviewing publications for information that keeps our research up-to-date.

Students, those in-between jobs or careers, part-timers are welcome to apply. Applicants must at least be first year college, computer-literate, and have good communication skills. For more information, send a cover letter and your resume to Revelyn Relatado.



“I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to you all for 4 very full days of learning. The courses were very well run, which I know is no mean feat and takes a lot of preparation. They were meaty and practical at the same time. I have every confidence that the team will be working with will be worth more than what we will pay for, with the added bonus of new friends!” – school president

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