Fund raising is both art and science.

Our year-round basic and short courses offer organizations the opportunity to learn fund raising skills through dynamic, highly interactive workshops, lectures given by fund raising experts, discussions with fellow fund raisers and non-profit managers, and role-playing activities with actual donors and philanthropists.

Training courses may be customized for organizations that wish to send at least 15 participants to each course.

The Basic Course on Fund Raising
The Art of Asking
Special Events Fund Raising
The Manager’s Guide to Financial Decision-Making
The Fund Raising Planning Workshop
The Fund Raising Workshop for Grassroots NGOs and Pos

Build the foundation of fund raising success.

THE BASIC COURSE ON FUND RAISING is Venture's best-selling course. It has helped over 900 fund raisers in Asia by introducing the fundamentals of professional fund raising. By the end of the course, board members, executive directors, fund raising officers, non-profit managers and volunteers will be able to:

  • Assess the appropriateness and relevance of an organization's mission and identity to its fund raising targets;
  • Identify an organization's current constituencies, and learn how to recognize potential donors;
  • Expand their understanding of the fund raising process, and how to implement it;
  • Discover the best fund raising strategies for the organization; and
  • Learn how to mobilize their boards and staff to achieve fund raising success.

The workshop will benefit most NGOs who are considering going into or have just started their fund raising.

This is offered to the public twice every year, back-to-back with one of the other courses below.

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Get your donors to say yes!

THE ART OF ASKING is the popular workshop that builds the confidence of board members, executive directors and key fund raising officers in face-to-face solicitation. In this course, participants will:

  • Learn the steps of face-to-face solicitation;
  • Craft a convincing and concise fund raising pitch; and
  • Practice presentation skills with guest donors.

Gain practical tips from seasoned fund raisers as they share their experiences of asking major gifts from well-known philanthropists.

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Maximize the potential of your special event.

SPECIAL EVENTS FUND RAISING is for fund raisers, NGO event organizers and key program staff. Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify appropriate fund raising events;
  • Project their costs and returns;
  • Build project teams;
  • Run the event smoothly; and
  • Assess project success.

Learn from professional events organizers and successful NGO fund raisers as they share valuable tips, lessons and tricks of the fund raising trade. Plus, get the latest information on good venues, movies and artists for your next event!

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Make your organization attractive to donors through good financial housekeeping.

THE MANAGER'S GUIDE TO FINANCIAL DECISION-MAKING is designed for non-accounting managers and personnel to recognize the importance of sound financial management for non-profits. Participants will learn to:

  • Understand financial statements;
  • Identify financial problem areas and develop measures to address these; and
  • Make informed decisions, and confidently communicate their organization's financial performance to donors, board members and key supporters.

A simulated negotiation between the funding agency and grantee helps participants make and win cases for financial support.

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Develop a strategic fund raising plan towards growth and sustainability.

THE FUND RAISING PLANNING WORKSHOP is an intensive planning session that enables the management team of an organization to create fund raising plans that are strategic, realistic and organized. Fund raising officers, executive directors, and key decision-makers of NGOs will:

  • Systematically set targets;
  • Identify potential donor sources; and
  • Develop action plans and fund raising budgets using tried-and-tested tools.

Bonus: Tips on winning the case for investing in marketing and fund raising.

The workshop is designed for organizations to come up with effective activity plans ready for implementation in the upcoming year. Organizations are highly encouraged to bring two or more participants to enhance the planning activity's effectiveness.

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Involve your community in fund raising.

THE FUND RAISING WORKSHOP FOR GRASSROOTS NGOs AND POs, made possible through the generous support of the Ford Foundation, is for community-based NGOs and people's organizations to develop a mindset and enhance skills for systematic fund raising using local resources. This is one of Venture's efforts to provide affordable fund raising training to financially vulnerable organizations that a recent survey identifies as groups in cities outside of Metro Manila, with operating budgets less than PhP 2M per year.

The three-day Grassroots Fund Raising Workshop is an opportunity for local NGOs and POs to:

  • Recognize the need to develop funding sources for their organizations' programs and operational costs;
  • Assess their capability and readiness to implement a variety of fund raising activities that are suited to their local contexts and communities;
  • Enhance their skills in planning appropriate and effective fund raising strategies;
  • Identify their local constituency and learn how to cultivate donor relationships;
  • Identify local resources and opportunities for fund raising; and
  • Develop a mindset for successful and systematic fund raising.

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“… Please accept belated but sincere thanks for the scholarship which allowed me to attend your wonderful course. We are very excited about the new information which we plan to put into good use in the coming year. Truly, your group is clear indication that the universe does, indeed, provide. More power to you.” - trustee, nonprofit on oriental spirituality

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