To meet the varying demands of different non-profits, Venture for Fund Raising has developed client-focused services that may be customized further to suit an organization's size, scope, and fund raising priorities. These services may be contracted as part of a financial sustainability package, or as separate modules. Organizations that require more extensive fund raising assistance will benefit from the following consulting services:

Board Assessment and Development
Organizational Assessment
Case Statement Formulation
Fund Raising Planning
Staff Orientations and Trainings
Consulting Fees


Board assessment and development

This is intended to help build a diverse, representative, active and effective board that takes responsibility for an organization's financial sustainability. It will include orientation and skills building sessions designed to enable the board to take an active role in fund raising.

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Organizational assessment

This service may consist of any, or all, of the following components:

External audit. The external audit identifies and assesses trends in an organization's environment which are likely to affect its fund raising activities over the next five to ten years. It includes an analysis of changes most likely to have an impact on fund raising such as political, economic, technological, social, demographic, and philanthropic trends, and will involve interviews and reviews of existing literature. The audit will enable the organization to identify opportunities and threats that may have an impact on its ability to raise funds.

Market and constituency audit. This identifies the key markets and constituents of an organization, and assesses their needs and perceptions. The assessment will cover the organization's clients, funders, donors, volunteers, paid staff, board members, partners, and other stakeholders, and will involve extensive interviews and research. The audit will enable the organization to initiate, maintain, and deepen relations with its various constituents.

Internal audit. The internal audit evaluates the existing structure, processes, policies, systems, and operations within the organization in order to identify its fund raising strengths and weaknesses. Areas that may be examined include: organizational culture, personnel, physical facilities, equipment, use of technology, location, financial management, board governance, special programs, products and services, and others. The audit will involve extensive interviews and reviews of existing literature, and will allow the organization to identify the resources, skills, and attitudes that it will need to acquire in order to raise funds effectively.

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Case statement formulation

Through an ongoing consultation, this service helps an organization establish its rationale for the fund raising appeal. The case statement is a written document that presents the major reasons for supporting the organization. The statement forms the basis for all the organization's communications and is especially essential to the fund raising endeavor.

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Fund raising planning

In this workshop session, the organization will produce a strategic fund raising plan that includes targets, strategies, indicators, staffing, budgets, project designs and timelines. The workshop will guide the long term fund raising efforts, and ensure that these are integrated with the organization's mission.

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Staff orientations and training

These training sessions aim to build the staff's support of the organization's fund raising endeavors. The sessions will orient staff on their roles in the fund raising activity and will involve the transfer of the required skills and technology.

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Venture for Fund Raising also offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Revisiting and refining an organization's vision, mission and goals;
  • Understanding the legal and tax issues and requirements affecting fund raising; and
  • Establishing a fund raising unit.

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Consulting fees

These training sessions aim to build the staff's support of the organization's fund raising endeavors. The sessions will orient staff on their roles in the fund raising activity and will involve the transfer of the required skills and technology.

Consulting fees vary depending on the scope of work required by the engagement. For more information, interested parties may contact Pinky Medina ( at +63 2 634 8889.

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“Thank you again for the opportunity you gave … for participating in your training on fund raising. We received a small funding last November and we were able to set up our office, and we are now updating our financial statements since 2002 as well as preparing for a workshop and the livelihood program – a good start for 2006. We hope to get more resources coming in since our funds will last up to this month only. But the early luck is really attributed to the pure and inspiring energy I got from all of you. God Bless, we will remain grateful forever.” – Trustee and founder, child services center

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