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As an organization that leverages on intellectual capital, Venture for Fund Raising has used groundbreaking research findings to develop and supplement existing fund raising material. In 2002, we concluded a regional research project that explored philanthropic giving and fund raising in seven Asian countries. We have pioneered research on the Asian fund raising experience to give non-profit organizations useful information on which to base their fund raising strategies. The findings are available through these user-friendly publications:

The Fund Raiser's Guide to Fund Raising

This book on Philippine and Asian fund raising by Mayan Quebral offers NGO managers, fund raisers, and volunteers an easy-to-use guide on professional fund raising.

It includes principles and techniques of constituency-building and "friend-raising", and offers vignettes, anecdotes, and bits of fund raising wisdom to inspire the fund raiser.


Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in the Philippines

This groundbreaking study on philanthropic giving and fund raising reveals the results of a household survey on giving conducted from late 1999 to 2000 among hundreds of households all over the Philippines. It answers the questions: Do Filipinos give? How much do they give, and to whom?

The book also documents 15 case studies of successful fund raising in the Philippines, and was a precursor to the seven-country regional research project, summarized in Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Asia. Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in the Philippines is a valuable resource for NGOs and academics in the development field. It was published with the support of The Asia Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Asia

This regional survey summarizes the findings of the seven-country research project conducted with the support of the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, Nippon Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development through The Asia Foundation, and published by the Asian Development Bank.

The study compares philanthropic giving in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand and discusses 118 case studies of local resource mobilization in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand.

This book, as well as the different country volumes, are available at the J. Faustino Fund Raising Library.


Survey on Giving 2003

This study further updates giving attitudes among Filipino households in Metro Manila, and explores other contexts in which they give: motivations for giving, most appealing vehicle, types of givers and top causes to which they give.


Survey on Giving 2001

This publication is a follow-up survey to Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in the Philippines, which takes a closer and more detailed look at the giving habits and attitudes of middle-to-upper class Filipino households in Metro Manila.

It reveals how much Metro Manilans give, to whom they donate, and how their gender and religious affiliation, among others, affect their giving habits.

  The 1st Nationwide Survey on Giving 2006

  Who do you think gives more - men or women? What causes attract more giving - health, education, sports or environment? How much do Filipinos give to their favorite causes? This nationwide Survey on Giving will look at the motivation for giving across the country. 



“Thank you again for the opportunity you gave … for participating in your training on fund raising. We received a small funding last November and we were able to set up our office, and we are now updating our financial statements since 2002 as well as preparing for a workshop and the livelihood program – a good start for 2006. We hope to get more resources coming in since our funds will last up to this month only. But the early luck is really attributed to the pure and inspiring energy I got from all of you. God Bless, we will remain grateful forever.” – Trustee and founder, child services center

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