Venture for Fund Raising Releases a New Publication on Resource Mobilization

Resource Mobilization: A Practical Guide for Research and Community-Based Organizations

Venture's practical guidebook promotes new and creative ways of resource mobilization for community-based development research organizations.  It features resource mobilization concepts, case studies, tools and templates, articles and presentations used in capacity building activities implemented by Venture for IDRC partners.


This guidebook is for development research organizations with different levels of fund raising knowledge and skills.  The guidebook supports that resource mobilization is a strategic process, which is grounded in effective organizational management, brought to life by creative communication and sustained through nurturing relationships with stakeholders.  It documents the capacity-building activities supported by IDRC and implemented by Venture, with contributions of experts on topics such as negotiations, financial management, proposal-writing and communications.

It features resource mobilization concepts, strategies, tools, case studies, and various research studies, with the aim of helping development research organizations to:

  • Plan resource mobilization in a strategic mission-driven – as opposed to donor-driven – manner;
  • Build skills in proposal writing, handling face-to-face meetings, and communication key messages;
  • Design, implement and monitor resource mobilization activities; and
  • Learn how other research development organizations have addressed resource mobilization challenges.

This work was carried out with the aid of a grant from Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Ottawa, Canada



“I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to you all for 4 very full days of learning. The courses were very well run, which I know is no mean feat and takes a lot of preparation. They were meaty and practical at the same time. I have every confidence that the team will be working with will be worth more than what we will pay for, with the added bonus of new friends!” – school president

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