1. What and/or who is Venture for Fund Raising?
    Venture for Fund Raising is a registered non-government organization (NGO) established in 1999 to help address the need of financial sustainability as well as strengthen the fund raising capacity of organizations. We are an accredited donee institution by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification that promotes philanthropic giving through information campaigns that teach the joy of giving.
  1. How can Venture for Fund Raising help raise funds for my organization?
    Our year-round basic and short courses offer organizations the opportunity to learn fund raising skills through dynamic and highly interactive workshops, lectures given by experienced and experts in fund raising, discussion with fellow fund raisers and non-profit managers, along with role-playing activities with actual donors and philanthropists.

    Training and consulting services may be customized for organizations who wish to send at least 15 participants to each course.
  1. Will Venture raise funds for our organization?
    No, Venture does not raise funds for organizations. Instead, we provide training, consulting, research and public information assistance to you and your organization so you can raise and give resources to fulfill your missions.
  1. How much will it cost to partner with Venture?
    Our training and consulting services offer specialized approaches to fund raising. The cost to partner with Venture depends on which service you would want us to render you.
  1. Which non-profits have Venture helped?
    We have helped a number of organizations involved in diverse causes and come from different non-profit sectors including children, the environment, religious organizations, school foundations, film industry, etc.
  1. Does Venture only work in the Philippines?
    No, Venture does not only work here in the Philippines but in other countries as well.
  1. How many organizations has Venture helped?
    Since its inception, Venture for Fund Raising has helped over 700 organizations from 14 different countries.
  1. Who can we contact for Fund Raising advice?
    As far as we know, Venture is the only one of its kind in the Philippines and in Asia.
  1. What is the KYRA Awards?
    The KYRA Awards recognizes the best practices in fund raising of non-profits here in the Philippines. It is a biennial event that began in 2004 which is in conjunction with Venture’s Fund Raising Congress.
  1. Why the sun logo?
    Venture for Fund Raising intends to be a ray of hope in helping sustain organizations that improve our lives, communities, environment, and the society.



“Thanks a lot for opening my eyes to the reality and necessity to raise funds for the parish systematically. You were right in saying that we NEED to ASK for people to give. I hope that I can consult you later on when I finalize my big dream for the parish.” – parish priest

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