A Dozen Myths and Tips in Fund Raising

Myth # 1
Fund raising is all about the money! Its primary focus is raising the amount of money needed by our organization.

Tip # 1
Fund raising is about raising friends! It involves identifying people who share the same values as your organization and managing that relationship.


Myth # 2
My organization needs to have lots of money to do fund raising. There is no sense in raising funds because our organization is small.

Tip # 2
Even small organizations do fund raising. The key is keeping it simple and always being guided by your organization’s vision, mission and goals.


Myth # 3
There is only one source of funds: Grants. So that our organization can raise funds, we need to prepare proposals for funding groups that give grants.

Tip # 3
Organizations can raise funds through Grants, Gifts and Earned Income. Diversifying your fund sources will lead your organization to sustainability.


Myth # 4
Our organization can always depend on funding agencies. Our funders are in the business of supporting their partner organizations and sustaining us financially.

Tip # 4
Financial aid to organizations is declining. Funders’ priorities are always changing and they cannot ensure your organization’s financial sustainability.


Myth # 5
It is hard to raise funds because there is donor fatigue. Usual donors and supporters are likely to stop giving to our organization after they have given their share.

Tip # 5
Yes if you keep going to the usual suspects! Build your constituency and work on acquiring new donors and upgrading your current donors.


Myth # 6
It is hard to raise funds because we don’t have connections to the rich and famous who can give big amounts of money to our organization.

Tip # 6
Nationwide Surveys on Giving show that ordinary individuals give! They give varying amounts in different levels of frequency. Imagine pulling those amounts together.


Myth # 7
Fund raising is about planning and implementing special events like dinners, concerts, raffles, tournaments, auctions, etc. It therefore requires a lot of resources.

Tip # 7
There are different fund raising strategies dependent on your resources and the type of donors you are targeting: new donors, current donors and major donors.


Myth # 8
It is difficult to fund raise because we are not fund raising experts. We need a focal person on fund raising who will do everything for our organization.

Tip # 8
Fund raising is team effort and involves the participation of your board, leaders, staff and volunteers. Institutional readiness is key to successful fund raising.


Myth # 9
Our board assigned fund raising to the leadership of our organization. Fund raising function is only shared among our leaders and management.

Tip # 9
The board is mandated to secure and manage adequate resources for your organization. They also have their fund raising responsibilities. Check your by-laws.


Myth # 10
There is no need to institutionalize fund raising because it is a set of activities. Fund raising can be handled in between regular program functions and admin job.

Tip # 10
Because fund raising is a management process that involves managing relationships, your organization should plan for fund raising and devote time to it.


Myth # 11
It is embarrassing to ask for money. There’s a higher risk of receiving rejection if you solicit money from groups or individuals.

Tip # 11
Fund raising is only 5% asking and 95% preparation. When you ask, you increase your organization’s chance or receiving money by 50%


Myth # 12
There’s no one to ask about organizational fund raising and there are limited available resources on fund raising. It is difficult to build our fund raising capacities.

Tip # 12
Call Venture for Fund Raising and visit our J. Faustino Fund Raising Library! To our knowledge, we are the only one of its kind in Asia and we provide all your needs in fund raising.



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